SIPTrace Tool (siptrace)


The siptrace tool uses the info provided by the OpenSIPS siptrace module and shows it on the page in a nice graphical way (messages grouped under calls, with flow direction, etc) You can find the siptrace module documentation here :


For configuring Siptrace Tool follow this link to download the tutorial: siptrace tutorial


SIPTRACE front screenshot SIPTRACE expanded screenshot


Usage and Features

The tool displays the SIP messages collected by the SIPTRACE module in a nice graphical way.

Messages are grouped and collepsed based on SIP callid (for faster browsing). Each group can be expended (at message level) and information about the message flow (from/to caller/callee/proxy) will be displayed.

For narrowing the displayed messages, you can use a regexp (regular expression) filter.

You also have the options to see the actual content (full) of the messages you see (in a pop-up window). Special SIP headers (defining dialogs) are highlighted.

The tool interacts with OpenSIPS (via Management Interface - MI) for enabling/disabling the global tracing option in SIPTRACE module.