Permissions Tool (permissions)


The permissions tool is used for determining if a call has appropriate permission to be established. For the time being, just the address table is available. This tool allows deleting, searching and adding database transactions, and it also lists the whole address table content.

You can find the permission module documentation here :


For configuring Permissions Tool follow this link to download the tutorial: permissions tutorial


Permissions screenshot


Usage and Features

The user can change the database content by adding, deleting or modifying the existing records.

"Search": Searches through the address rules, displaying only the rules that have the IP and Protocol submited by the user.
"Show all": Shows all the address rules
"Delete Address": Deletes all entries with a certain IP and Protocol.
"Add New": Inserts a form to add new address rule.

NOTE: all the changes are done in database. To apply them into your OpenSIPS, you need to click on "Apply Changes to Server" button