Nathelper Module (nathelper)


The nathelper module is being used for helping with NAT traversal. The DB List tag is for usual DB transactions: adding, deleting, searching, showing the whole content of the table. Cache List tab si for refreshing the data, from DB to chache. Nat Ping tag allows the enabling or disabling of nat ping. You can find the nathelper module documentation here :


For configuring Nathelper Tool follow this link to download the tutorial: nathelper tutorial


Nathelper DB List screenshot  Nathelper Cache List screenshot Nathelper NAT Ping screenshot


Usage and Features

The nathelper module has 3 tabs :

DB List , Cache List , NAT Ping

NOTE: all the changes are done in database. To apply them into your OpenSIPS, you need to click on "Apply Changes to Server" button