Dispatcher Tool (dispatcher)


This tool implements a dispatcher for destination addresses. It shows a table with OpenSIPS dispatcher rules, offering the ability to add, edit and delete rules.

You can find the dispatcher module documentation here : http://www.opensips.org/html/docs/modules/1.6.x/dispatcher.html


For configuring Dispatcher Tool follow this link to download the tutorial: dispatcher tutorial


Dispatcher screenshot


Usage and Features

The user can list, add, edit and delete dispatcher rules. Following is an explanation of the actions performed by the buttons on the page:

"Search": Searches through the dispatcher rules, displaying only the rules with the Setid, Destination and Description submited by the user.
"Show all": Shows all the dispatcher rules
"Delete Dispatcher": Deletes all entries with certain Setid, Destination and Description.
"Add New": Inserts a form to add new rule into dispatcher.

NOTE: all the changes are done in database. To apply them into your OpenSIPS, you need to click on "Apply Changes to Server" button